Survey – Attention, Subway fans! If you’ve ever enjoyed a tasty sub sandwich at Subway, here’s your chance to share your thoughts and win great prizes. Subway wants to hear from you, and is your gateway to sharing your experiences and winning exciting rewards!

Take subway Survey


Take subway Survey


Subway not only crafts the perfect sandwich for you but also offers, a platform where your feedback can help improve Subway’s offerings. Imagine how your input could enhance those delicious breads and fresh ingredients in the future! And the best part? By sharing your thoughts, you might just snag a tasty reward.

Survey Conditions

Before diving into the details of, let’s go over the requirements for participation:

  1. Age Requirement: Ensure you meet any applicable age limits.
  2. Valid Subway Receipt: This is your ticket to participate.
  3. Recent Receipt: Make sure your receipt is as fresh as the ingredients in your favorite Subway sandwich.

Why is your receipt important? Keep reading to find out.

And if your receipt has mysteriously disappeared, don’t worry! We have alternative ways for you to join in on the action.

Making use of

Are you willing to share your thoughts? Visit directly; it’s the only place where your opinion counts. We take great care to ensure that your personal information is kept private, so please don’t share it with anyone else.

How to Take Part in the Survey

Now for the exciting part—completing the survey:

Step 1: Grab your device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer.
Step 2: Head to to begin.
Step 3: Enter the details from your Subway receipt, like unlocking a treasure chest!
Step 4: Share your thoughts by answering questions about your Subway experience.
Step 5: Add some flavor by rating various factors such as meal quality, service, and cleanliness—they want to hear it all!
Step 6: Honesty is the key ingredient here. The more straightforward you are, the better.
Step 7: This is where the magic happens; you could win a prize or enter a contest. Remember, you might need to provide some contact information at this stage.

By following these steps, you help Subway improve while also standing a chance to win exciting rewards!


There you have it! Your gateway to improving your next Subway experience is Your feedback is the key to their success, and you might even walk away with a surprise reward. Visit now, and let your thoughts and taste buds do the talking. By sharing your Subway experiences, you help make it the best place for all Subway lovers. Now is your chance to create the perfect Subway experience you’ve always imagined!

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